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What is WING?

WING is an acrynom for "Worldwide Inspectors Network Group" Founded in 2019 as a Facebook group, it serves to unite the home inspector industry in a structured and organized manner. The WING motto is "Together We Will All Succeed"

What is a wind mitigation inspection and why do I need one?

A wind mitigation inpsection is an insurance inspection that looks for the presence of certain features and devices installed in a home that would help the house better withstand the destructive forces during a windstorm. These include roof coverings, sheathing, nails, nail spacing and roof to wall connections for example. These features can help the homeowner to get a reduction in their homeowners insurance.

Where can I find the age of my AC system or water heater?

The age of an HVAC system or water heater can typically be found in the manufactures label. Often it is coded in the serial number or the actual year can be listed.

What are the five basic elements of contract law that eliminates ALL disputes?

1. Instructions 2. Offer 3. Valuable Consideration 4. Acceptance 5. Acknowledgment


The Worldwide Inspectors Network Group

A group dedicated to unifying home inspectors worldwide

"Together We Will All Succeed"

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